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Empowering Widows is a movement to bring widows together. It is important that we have widows in the lives of other widows. Widows can relate and understand the grieving process of widows. 
Join us on this journey of empowering widows through love, compassion and long lasting friendships.

Outreach Ministry For Jesus Christ

Empowering Widows Christian Group
Outreach Ministry For Jesus Christ

Book Released Date Will Be On The Anniversary Of The Death Of My Husband. October 18, 2016 Will Mark His One Year Death Anniversary. Although This Has Been A Tough Road, I Chose To Honor Him And God By Helping Others Through The Storm.

Book Is Now Available
Outreach Ministry For Jesus Christ

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LaShunda Braxton-Nickles became a widow on October 18, 2015 at the age of 34. Her husband left behind a wife, son and daughter. He served in the US Military and received an honorable discharged. Her and her husband became as One and raised a beautiful family together. ​

One night, her husband had a massive heart attack and was immediately rushed to the hospital by EMS. He passed away a couple of days later which turned her life upside down. 

​As a widow, her grieving process opened her eyes to the many widows who doesn't received the support they should. While many widows have different experiences, we all share the pain and loss of someone who was once a part of us. ​

She started the movement, "Empowering Widows" in hopes to encourage widows to reach out and help other widows. In most situations, friends and families cannot relate to what widows go through. We as widows can be helpers to one another through love, compassion, understanding and long lasting friendships. 

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