LaShunda Nickles, Pastor/Founder
Using my gifts for God
LaShunda Braxton-Nickles was born and raised in Houston Texas. She is 34 years of age. She is a mother of two beautiful children and a widow of her late loving husband. She has been ordained as a Pastor and she's very involved in ministry. She gave her life completely to God. She is now a new creature in Christ. She is on a new journey and will continue to grow in grace in the name of Jesus. This is just the beginning for her. There's much more to come! Her main goal is to continue to be obedient to God and love everyone as Jesus loves her.

LaShunda Nickles minister the Word of God to those who will hear. She speaks at workshops, churches, outside events, hospitals and to wherever God leads her. Speaking engagements and helping people face to face is what she enjoy doing. She believes that God has placed her here to encourage others and be a voice for all people. She also believe that God has placed her here to focus on both Spiritual and Physical needs of the world. She is very grateful and thankful for everything God has done for her. God has given her many amazing gifts, and she intends on using them all for God's use and glory.

Her Vision: I would like to share a vision that God showed me a couple of years ago. In the vision, God brought me to the wilderness and drew my attention towards the people trapped in the wilderness. The many people God showed me was broken-heart-ed, wicked, prostituting, doing drugs, being abused, sinning on top of sinning, confused, lost, and some who did not believe in God. I look up to Heaven and asked God why is He showing me this?

This was His response, "These are my people. I came for the lost souls. Why have you forgotten about them? I have called you to bring souls to me. I never said it would be easy, but you have My Power and through Me all things are possible. Don't forget about My purpose and My Will that none should perish, but all should come to repentance. I want you to do your part by reaching out to those that others seem to forget about. Don't fear for I am always with you".

I begin walking into the wilderness towards the people. I begin talking to them and embracing them. Every single one followed me to a stage full of gifts. God spoke and said, "there are enough gifts for everyone. Receive it and open it for it is the Gift of My Spirit".

God opened up my understanding to know as a Christian and follower of God, I should be concern about the lost souls, rather than "playing" church. It is not about who can preach, teach, sing, or play the instruments the best. It is not about how well I can shout and only wanting to be around the "righteous". It is about loving people and ministering the Word of God to those who are lost. It is about being completely obedient to God and understanding that God has not given us the spirit of fear and doubt. It is time to get out of self and walk in God's Spirit by reaching out to those who are lost and have been forgotten about. ~LaShunda N.

www.outreachministryforchrist.orgHer History: LaShunda Nickles grew up with three brothers and one sister. Her sister was one and a half year older than LaShunda Nickles. Her sister passed away at the age of 16. LaShunda Nickles was raised by her mother and her grandmother. LaShunda Nickles had a very close relationship with her grandmother who is now deceased. She grew up in poverty and face sexual molestation since the age of 5. She was raped twice as a teenager and tried to commit suicide twice. She became pregnant at the age of 16 and dropped out of high school. Everyone told her that her life was over and sadly she believed them. She was told that she would never be a good mother; she would never find a good husband who would love her for her; and, she would never be able to get an education and prosper in anything.

Right before her son was born, she kneel on her knees and asked God to teach her how to be a good mother. She asked God to help her in every area of her life and to guide her in the direction He wanted her to go. At this time, she was not filled with the Holy Spirit, but she knew enough to talk to God.

She decided to take the G.E.D. test. Her first and second attempt to go take the G.E.D. test failed miserable. The first time, she took the wrong bus and the second time, the bus was delayed. Both attempts caused her to miss the testing. She was so hurt and upset. She gave up and thought that her life was really over.

She became homeless with her son and found a place called the Covenant House of Texas (a shelter for teens). They took her in and found work at Burger King. She was so sad and depressed in her life, however, it was something deep inside her that would not let her quit. As time passed, she was able to get a small apartment and provide for her son. She fell in love with a loving man who is now her husband of many years. Her and her husband decided to have a second a child. They both had a beautiful daughter. The family that she always wanted was given to her by God. 

She then decided to take a chance and called a local college to explain her situation. She remembered praying to God saying that if this is His Will, she will move forward. The people at the college explained a program that they had in placed for someone in her situation. She was given a test and they said that her score was the highest that they ever seen. They immediately enrolled her in their school, which became the beginning of her journey.

She finished college with a 4.0 average and received her transcripts. She have attended several schools and have received many degrees and certificates for her completion in school. She is currently in school and plans to stay in school as long as God see fit for her to be in school.

She knows that everything about her life is from the power and favor of God. Everything bad that was spoken over her life, God changed it around to work out for her good. She said to never allow anyone to talk you out of your dreams. Many people may tell you that you cannot do anything with a two year degree, an one year certificate, or even a six month certificate, but Wisdom and the Guidance of God will teach you how to APPLY every single knowledge that you have opened your mind to receive in your life. God will show you how to prosper and become who He has called you to be. Close your mind and ears to naysayers and open your mind and heart to what God says about you. Nothing is impossible with God.

Her husband has passed away on October 18, 2015. Even through this hardship, Pastor LaShunda Braxton-Nickles is holding to her faith in God. As a widow, her grieving process opened her eyes to the many widows who haven't received the support they should have received. While many widows have different experiences, we all share the pain and loss of someone who was once a part of us. ​She started the movement, "Empowering Widows" in hopes to encourage widows to reach out and help other widows. In most situations, friends and families cannot relate to what widows go through. We as widows can be helpers to one another through love, compassion, understanding and long lasting friendships. 


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